My experience in design allows me to document architecture through photography in a way that truly expresses the form and function present in their composition. I earned my bachelor’s in design at the University of Azuay, where I was introduced to the camera for the first time. While there, I gained a wealth of knowledge about interior and industrial design.

I moved to the United States to expand my education in the field of photography and began studying at Miami University of Art and Design. While there, I narrowed my focus and expertise to architectural and interior photography. This has allowed me to document the intentions and visions of architects and interior designers through photography.

The challenge of constantly innovating how I approach architectural photography is my passion. There are many factors that can make or break a shot, from artificial lighting to natural light, and I enjoy every step of the process. I appreciate how I am able to vary my shooting style, depending upon the project I am taking on, which allows me to work on a wide variety of styles.



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